Meet Donna

Ontario is at a crossroads. For fifteen long years, this province has struggled under a Liberal Government that has created skyrocketing hydro rates, job killing regulations, soaring taxes, and a health care system that is failing us. All this, while drowning in debt. Ontarians deserve better. It’s time for real change.

As a mother, daughter and proud Ontarian, I believe people across this province deserve the opportunity to thrive, and build a better future for themselves and their families. But to accomplish that, we need a government we trust. A competent team of women and men capable of managing our hard earned tax dollars so we have the money to provide the quality care and services we want for the people we love.

Everyday people across Flamborough-Glanbrook tell me they want a government they trust. I hear from mothers who say their children don’t have the opportunities they had growing up in Ontario, from small business owners, barely able to pay their hydro bills and from farmers who have faced increasing government regulation, red tape and inconsistent policies over fifteen years of Liberal government.

As a municipal councillor I have proven that I respect the taxpayer. I have fought for transparency and accountability from staff and council. I seek out ways of providing value for money in every project the city undertakes. I want to do the same at Queen's Park. On June 7th, 2018, Ontarians will have the opportunity to vote for change. To elect a government they know can and will bring trust and prosperity back to this province. A government that will once again make Ontario the economic engine of this great country. I want to be part of that government – a strong voice the people of Flamborough-Glanbrook can trust to fight for them and their loved ones.